The New Militant Mother

The new militant mother wakes her kids up before dawn for indigenous ceremony, and spends her Saturday nights in strategizing meetings. She organizes on the streets with trafficked women and has confronted La Migra and border police at least once in her life. She studies how class is a gendered construct and practices her political discourse with comrades often to sharpen her line when battling her true opponents.

She leans forward with her sisters through heartbreak and survivorship. She teaches her children a scientific and historical understanding of colonization in the world and of our minds. The new militant mother is a builder. She helps raise the next generation of women militants, paying forward what has been invested in her. Her strength and cold intelligence permeates the air even in silence, always observant. Our new militant mother walks the legacy of resistance her grandmothers dreamt of, the legacy of our warrior woman inheritance.

The new militant mother is unfit for patriarchy. She knows her worth beyond paid and unpaid labor. Her parenting is non-feudal. Her children know it is more important to own their own bodies, be true to their spirit-selves than be obedient. These conscious children will sometimes be seen as mad disrespectful. She takes her children with her to the front lines, and spends time away from them to nurture her own ideological contributions.

The new militant mother holds up more than half of the sky, 66% to be exact. Her children will grow up with eyes wide open, looking back on history with a new love-ethic. Her greatest gift is not sacrifice nor martyrdom, but action: “When there was injustice, my mother was there fighting back, building community, ready to change the world.”

– Thinking of you fellow militant mothers.



Katrina Socco is the National Programme Coordinator and mother of Tala.

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