Vanish-ment and Women’s History at the Summer School of Women’s Activism

SSOWANY14The 4th Summer School of Women’s Activism will be centered around Five Continents Feminism, an evolving theme of transnational journey that AF3IRM offers to women of color whose unique experiences clamor to be heard and documented. From changing the paradigm to shifting the center of what feminism looks like, this year, we want to create a stronger foundation for five continents feminism through intense learning, and sharing our collective struggle as transnational women.

Classes will take place for four Saturdays beginning on June 7th, from 12-4pm, in a safe space in Manhattan.

AF3IRM members Olivia Canlas, Kristina Joyas and Erica Lim will lead the first session called Vanish-ment and Women’s History, Sexism, which details the emergence of patriarchy that led to the subjugation of women. This session explores the history of the oppression of women, painstakingly citing historical factors on how women lost their voice in a span of more than a thousand years.

The purpose of the session is to learn women’s history of erasure and to write a five-continents feminism that is grounded in our vision and experiences as transnational women. Discussions in this session are programmed to focus on different forms of “vanishing”; how the establishment of private property and class has institutionalized the marginalization of women; case in point: the existence of prostitution. Using more sophisticated systems of oppression, modern politics and patriarchal trends continue to banish women from history.

The school is open to all women-identified, women of color. Each student will be given reading and study materials for each session. Light lunch and child-care will be provided. The exact location of the school will be emailed to those who register.

Contact: [email protected]

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