Globalization and Redefinition of Women’s Work to be Discussed at SSoWA 2nd Session

NEW YORK:  With imperialism as the framework, AF3IRM NYC’s Summer School will examine Capital’s re-definition of work for women and the integration of hitherto non-capitalist economic activities into the global economy, including domestic work and the sex industry.   The second session will take place on July 18, noon to 4 pm, at a designated safe space for participants.  Interested parties can register for the four Saturdays of the Summer School of Women’s Activism at  For employed women and the women-identified, the registration fee is $40;  for students and low-income, $35;  for institutional representatives, $80 per person.  The fee includes a light lunch, snacks and reading materials.

To be facilitated by Patricia Ramirez and Nicole Salcedo, the discussion on “Imperialism, Globalization and the Re-feudalization of Women” will examine the burgeoning labor and sex trafficking that underlies the on-going re-definition of work for the female of the human species.  It will look into the revival of slavery in various economic enterprises as imperialism breaks down national economic barriers and supplants traditional livelihood with vertically and horizontally integrated multinational corporate chains.

The last hour of the session will discuss how to recognize and defend against trafficking, the possibility of establishing trafficking-free zones and the infrastructure needed to combat this new method of slavery.

Participants are encouraged to attend all four sessions, which are designed to provide basic training, not only in the practice of feminism but also in theory-building.

Donations are also accepted to provide scholarships for young women who may not have access to these concepts and ideas.  Email [email protected] for more information.

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