#WhyWeMarch8 on International Women’s Day: Sumaq

Photo Credit: Shireen Alihaji

Photo Credit: Shireen Alihaji

Originally posted February 28th on Facebook.


i am marching on march 8th because i have no other option.

i was forced to learn to survive at a young age. experiencing and witnessing degradation and violation of women all throughout has taken its toll not only on me but on all of us. we know of acts of torture, terrorism, humiliation, sexual assault, and even murder happening on the daily against individuals simply because they are women. we have either lived it or witnessed it. and it’s honestly infuriating and exhausting.

i am marching because for me my life as a woman is a fundamental issue in the struggle for social justice.

i am marching because I want our liberation… I want us living dignified lives free from domination and violence. JOIN ME!



Sumaq is a member of AF3IRM LA.

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