Women on the Wave Summit Affirmations

Affirmations for Summit 2014

Near the end of Day 2 of the “Women on the Wave” Summit, AF3IRM members presented the following affirmations to the audience and asked them to join our fight for women’s liberation by choosing the statements that they support.

“We now invite all participants to sign onto one or all 5 of these AF3IRM Summit Affirmations by writing your name down on a post-it with the # that corresponds to the affirmation statement you subscribe to, and then post-it onto this image of a purple rose. The purple rose has been our symbol for our oldest, international anti-trafficking campaign, the Purple Rose Campaign. The purple rose is actually not a natural flower- it was scientifically created purely for pleasure and profit. We feel that women being bought and sold in the global sex trade have become these purple roses – manufactured for capital; hence, we are fighting for the true, genuine liberation of these women and the thrival of womankind. We will make note of your affirmation to join us in this new wave of feminism being led-by and for transnational women of color, and will coordinate with you and/or your organization moving forward!”

1. We affirm that as transnational women of color living in the U.S., we are duty-bound to bring the struggle against U.S. imperialism to its home base.

2. We affirm that we will build deeply in our locales and define our own brand of transnational feminist theory and practice that aims to demolish patriarchy.

3. We affirm that the oppression of women is inexplicably tied to class oppression and are committed to struggling for the liberation of working class women the world over.

4. We affirm that state violence, in all its forms, IS violence against transnational women of color.

5. We affirm our commitment to recognize and value the work of pre-class societies as models of gender equality, power sharing, and survival, as we envision and build a new world that realizes true, genuine women’s liberation.

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