Moro People’s CORE: National AF3IRM Summit 2014 and 25th Founding Anniversary Solidarity Message

From the Bangsamoro, greetings of international solidarity, unity and peace!

Moro People’s Community Organization for Reform and Empowerment, Inc. (Moro People’s CORE) celebrates with great pride the holding of National Summit and 25th founding anniversary celebration of AF3IRM. We are elated to be a part of this very important occasion albeit the distance of our peoples and organizations.

As we recognize the dauntless role of Moro and Lumad women in their struggle to contribute for the betterment of their community and society in general, we commit to solidify unity with all peoples in the Bangsamoro and beyond, so as to advance and reestablish the right of women at par with the men! We cannot accept less than this.

We are proud that there is an AF3IRM which crosses all boundaries, philosophy, perspectives, substructures and otherwise, about women struggle in general.

We are aware of the organizational and political sacrifices that the founders of AF3IRM experienced to reach this stage of your organization, but your tenacity prevailed.

Now, with the contribution of young, militant and more committed members, AF3IRM is advancing wave upon wave!

With the guidance of the current leadership and the democratic participation of its membership and the support of countless women, men and organizations in the US and in the international arena, we see no other reason why AF3IRM will not reap the fruition of genuine women’s struggle!

Long live the international unity of our women, peoples and countries!

Long live the unity of AF3IRM and the Moro and Lumad women!

Support the struggle of the Moro and Lumad women in the Philippines!

Zaynab Afdal Ampatuan
Executive Director – Moro PCORE
September 25, 2014

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