NAPAWF: Congratulations Letter for National Summit

To Whom It May Concern:

The National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) congratulates the Association of Filipinas, Feminists Fighting Imperialism, Re-feudalization, and Marginalization (AF3IRM) on their October 2014 “Women on the Wave” National Summit in Los Angeles.

NAPAWF’s mission is to build a movement to advance social justice and human rights for AAPI women and girls in the United States. We support and applaud AF3IRM’s diverse, multi-ethnic members’ commitment to “militant movement-building from the United States,” and we stand in solidarity with them in their efforts to “affect change through grassroots organizing, trans-ethnic alliance building, education, advocacy, and direct action.”

Congratulations again to AF3IRM and their fierce work for social justice and human rights for AAPI women and girls globally. As we continue to fight in the United States, we know that our collective strength and struggle for justice are necessary to make positive change worldwide. NAPAWF is ready to forge on to the 4th wave of feminism, or “Five Continent Feminism,” with AF3IRM. Onward!


Miriam Yeung
Executive Director

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