Solidarity Message from SOLIDARITY

SOLIDARITY is pleased to extend comradely greetings to AF3IRM on the occasion of your 25th anniversary and National Summit.

 Solidarity is a socialist, feminist, and anti-racist organization committed to the self-organization of oppressed people.   We work to build a revolutionary left based on respectful cooperation and equality among all forces who are opposed to the global capitalist system and struggling for the better world that we believe is possible.

We congratulate AF3IRM on your successful establishment and growth as a multi-ethnic transnational feminist organization.  As activists who theorize, AF3IRM is staking out new territory in the development of socialist-feminist politics and strategy in the U.S.   As organizers from the grassroots, AF3IRM is developing new leaders who carry on the legacy of what you term “five continents feminism.”

We are honored to stand in support of your organization today and in the future.

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