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Gota de Leche – Manila Statement of Solidarity

At this point in the saga of human life –  when the impact of ever-more intense climate change, global capitalists’ ever-more aggressiveness, and increasingly weapons-mad misogynists have pushed women in poverty and in abuse to the brink of desperation –

we find that even small but heartfelt efforts to show compassion and share resources, across the globe, inspire courage and a commitment to raise each other, away from hopelessness.

It would have been quite enough to show us that we had the capacity to reach out to women and children outside our familiar area of operations. But by sending us funds and goods for survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, AF3IRM moved us to actually deliver these into the hands of those who needed them most, and thus open a new program by which our organization could engage and partner with service-oriented women’s groups and volunteers.

Having the imagination to look beyond our sadness or anger, and a commitment to move ourselves over every stereotype and every victimization inflicted on us, what better combination do you of AF3IRM need to create a world that will be less demanding of, and more giving to, women and girls?

In behalf of the feminists who founded our organization 108 years ago in Manila, and the families who continue to participate in our programs, we send you best wishes, to grow in power and in kindness, as you mark you 25th year of activism.

La Proteccion de la Infancia, Inc. (aka “Gota de Leche – Manila”)
Founded in 1906
859 S.H. Loyola Street
Sampaloc, Manila