AF3IRM LA Book Club Announcement! 📚🤓💜📢

For the month of September, AF3IRM LA members will be reading Kindred, by Octavia E. Butler. Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing our thoughts and reactions on our social media. As transnational feminists, reading is an essential tool to combat white supremacy and dismantle patriarchy. It is also vital to our theory building as an organization. How does reading impact you – personally and politically? 📚 In a critical essay of Kindred, Robert Crossley says, “…what may be most powerful and valuable for readers of Kindred is the simple reminder that all that history occurred not so very long ago. […] We may also be reminded that historical progress is never a sure thing. […] In Kindred, Octavia Butler has designed her own underground railroad between past and present whose terminus is the reawakened imagination of the reader.” 📚 We’re so excited to be reading Kindred for the month of September…so much so that some of our members have already gotten a head start! 🤓📚😍Have you read Kindred before? Or will you be reading it along with us? Either way, follow the hashtag #AF3IRMBookClub to follow along and join in on the conversation…and be sure to tag us, if you do! And beware of/be mindful of spoilers, please! 🤫 📚
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