Beyond and often in tandem with our campaigns, AF3IRM chapters and members engage in various projects that work to uplift women’s voices and stories, as well as to educate and organize towards liberation and to advocate against oppression.

These projects include:

Red Feminist Radio

AF3IRM produces and hosts “Red Feminist Radio”. Started May of 2012, the show is led by AF3IRM members and special guests are often invited to participate. Episodes aim to bring light to AF3IRM’s focus on transnational culture and communities, especially the transnational woman, as well as explore and define women’s activism and organizing across ethnic divides. The show is currently on hiatus. AF3IRM members also host and are guest speakers on other shows including KPFK’s Feminist Magazine and the MissRepresent Podcast.

Summer School of Women’s/Youth Activism

These summer schools work to educate and empower women and youth and provide them with the tools to organize and mobilize against oppression and to build towards freedom.

The Truth We Carry: The Insurgent Narratives Project

The Truth We Carry: The Insurgent Narratives Project is an online space created and curated by AF3IRM that seeks to expand the organization’s advocacy and political work. We invite all to submit their articles, essays, stories, and original art to this collection. The project recognizes that “the personal is political” and that is not only the work that we do that is important, but also the reasons behind what we do and why we continue to fight.

Recuerdo / Alaala / ذاكرة / Remembrance: Earrings of Shadow and Light

This exhibition is a tribute to all the missing, murdered, and trafficked women and girls around the world and features works from various artists, jewelry makers, and musicians. The exhibition first showed in Los Angeles and will travel around the country.

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