AF³IRM National: Addressing Disinformation about the Alleged “Split” and Reaffirming the Full Humanity of a Woman

To the two bona fide members, and the forty-six member applicants, inactive members, and former members who have decided to seek their own path to women’s liberation, we wish you well. To those who benefited the most from AF³IRM, we hope you continue to use that organizational investment well.

AF³IRM remains committed to … Continue Reading ››

AF3IRM San Diego passes anti-trafficking resolution through a unanimous vote by San Diego Unified School District

Resolution will bring District into compliance with state Human Trafficking Prevention Education and Training Act marking a victory for children in San Diego Unified schools

On Wednesday, January 11, 2023, the San Diego Unified School Board unanimously (5-0) adopted a resolution to institute anti-trafficking curricula geared towards training all district staff and students on identifying … Continue Reading ››


The women of AF3IRM Los Angeles stand in solidarity with the Tongva people and with indigenous peoples across the globe rising up against the encroachment of settler colonialism and capitalism onto our homelands. As transnational women of color, we have histories rooted in occupation, colonization, and the invasion of our ancestral lands. We have experienced violence against the … Continue Reading ››

Women Never Back Down

Following German activist and women's rights advocate Clara Zetkin's call to establish a special women's day at the 1910 Conference of Working Women held in Copenhagen, International Women's Day was celebrated across Europe the following year in March.  On March 8, 1917, thousands of Russian women marched on the streets of Petrograd and demanded the end of World … Continue Reading ››

Putting a STOP to legalizing sexploitation in Oregon

A WIN for AF3IRM Portland!

AF3IRM Portland has been working with a coalition of survivor-led organizations since late 2021 to DISMANTLE Initiative Petition 42 (IP 42), AKA the Oregon ballot measure which was deceptively titled the "Sex Worker Rights Act", when it pushed to further protect buyers, pimps, and brothels, and increase … Continue Reading ››

AF3IRM calls out CNN segment for normalization of prostitution, commodification of women’s bodies

AF3IRM and abolition allies demand equal time after Sunday’s ‘This Is Life’ segment denied airtime to the sex industry’s most vulnerable women.

While we acknowledge CNN and Lisa Ling’s efforts in her This Is Life segment titled “Sex Work, Past, Present and Future” (aired on Sunday, October 24), to take on … Continue Reading ››

AF3IRM Declares October 5 as International Day of No Sexploitation

Connie Huynh, National Chairperson [email protected]
Valeria Espinosa, National Programme Coordinator [email protected]

Since 2002, October 5th has been observed yearly as International Day of No Prostitution. Started in Australia and the United States, it is now observed across the globe not only as a day of remembrance for women who have lost their lives in the sex trade, … Continue Reading ››

On October 5, the International Day of No Sexploitation, AF3IRM Boston is taking a stand against the sex trade by proclaiming LAND BACK, BODIES BACK

Contact: AF3IRM Boston || [email protected]

Fifteen thousand years before the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock, these lands were watched over by the Wampanoag, who called themselves Pokanoket. These people followed matrilineal inheritance, with women holding and inheriting property regardless of marital status. They were also matrilocal, with married couples going to live with the woman’s … Continue Reading ››

The 8th Annual Summer School of Youth Activism in Iowa, Regeneration: Cultivating Intergenerational Learning and Leadership, remote workshops now in session

NATIONAL: In partnership with Monsoon Asians & Pacific Islanders in Solidarity, AF3IRM National announces the start of the 8th Annual Summer School of Youth Activism in Iowa. This is the second year we will be conducting the school remotely due to the pandemic. The theme of the school is Regeneration: Cultivating Intergenerational Learning and Leadership and calls on … Continue Reading ››

AF3IRM Stands In Solidarity With Our Slain Sisters In Georgia

Connie Huynh
National Chairperson, [email protected]

It is with a heavy heart that AF3IRM condemns the recent murders of mostly Asian women at several Georgia massage establishments. Eight people were killed on Tuesday night, six of them were Asian women, four of those women were Korean nationals. While Georgia officials have not confirmed that these murders were racially motivated, … Continue Reading ››

International Working Women’s Day: Origins and a Way Forward

Contact: AF3IRM Seattle, [email protected]

International Women’s Day, though presently pinkwashed, was originally created as part of the organizing strategy of Socialist parties in the United States and Europe. Previously called International Working Women’s Day (IWWD) it signified a day of striking, political organizing, and dismantling capitalism with the express goal of prioritizing the … Continue Reading ››

For our Sisters and Grandmothers: Purple Roses Up!

Connie Huynh
National Chairperson, [email protected]

On February 14th of every year--what is widely recognized as Valentine’s Day in this place we call the U.S.--AF3IRM observes Purple Rose Day. While the rest of society partakes in (or rejects) the commodification of romance, every year on this day AF3IRM recommits to ending the commodification of women … Continue Reading ››

You survived. Next, we thrive.


Today we are breathing a momentary sigh of relief.  A sigh that acknowledges the official transition of power from the 45th President of the United States to the 46th. Our families and communities are still reeling from this mismanaged pandemic and mourning our losses, so we may feel as if we’re far too numb … Continue Reading ››

Amy Coney Barrett Key to Conquering Women, Strategy of Colonialism

On the day that is reserved for honoring Indigenous people whose stolen land many of us occupy as settlers, the United States Senate has begun its hearings for Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court justice, Amy Coney Barrett. There is no greater miscalculation than to pick this date out of haste, as our nation is reminded of the widespread … Continue Reading ››


Connie Huynh
AF3IRM National Chairperson, [email protected]

There is a war on people of the global south occurring inside the bodies of women in migrant detention centers. The mass hysterectomies being performed on the women at LaSalle Corrections facilities in Georgia are acts of mutilation, torture, and the tools of genocide.

On September 14, a complaintContinue Reading ››

Speaking up for Ourselves and Listening to Survivors: AF3IRM Names Digital Violence As a Form of Violence Against Women

Connie Huynh
AF3IRM National Chairperson, [email protected]
Valeria Espinosa
AF3IRM National Programme Coordinator, [email protected]

Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness – … Continue Reading ››


Contact: Connie Huynh, Chairperson, [email protected]

NATIONAL:   AF3IRM salutes the women in particular and all who continue to protest in Iran, despite intense state repression and violence by the Basij Forces. AF3IRM believes that no religious interpretation should be a cause for a woman’s death, more so of people’s death, and that the struggle … Continue Reading ››

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