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AF3IRM NY/NJ stands in unwavering solidarity with the Student Intifada

Make no mistake, the students are winning. CCNY and Columbia administration’s decisions to unleash the NYPD on their students, has dissolved the cloud of Democracy that exists in the American mind, and radicalized an entire generation to fight for Palestinian liberation. Democracy cannot exist in a nation invested in silencing its students. Democracy cannot exist in a nation invested in death.

SUMMER SCHOOL OF WOMEN’S ACTIVISM DAY 3:​ Militarism and the Assault on Land and Women

New York -- From Puerto Rico to Hawaii, women are placing their bodies in the line of fire to resist colonization and protect the sacredness of the land. More than 120 years after the United States stole these lands, state-sanctioned violence continues. In San Juan 100,000 people rise up against an imperial puppet governor and his corruption, homophobia, … Continue Reading ››

SUMMER SCHOOL OF WOMEN’S ACTIVISM DAY 2:​ Refeudalization and Decolonizing Transnational Women of Color’s ‘Work’

New York -- It’s no wonder that, “Let’s get this bread,” has become a rallying call for sleep-deprived, hungry, under-paid, and overworked working women. Transnational women of color are “married to the hustle,” shackled to exploitation. 

AF3IRM coined the term refeudalization in 2008 to explain the … Continue Reading ››