International Day of Indigenous Women: Today we honor Bartolina Sisa

Today we honor Bartolina Sisa, an Aymara woman who led an indigenous uprising against Spanish colonialism in Bolivia. She was captured and faced a cruel death by the Spanish on September 5th 1782. To honor her resilience, September 5th is commemorated as the International Day of Indigenous Women since 1983. As transnational women of color, we have histories rooted in occupation, colonization, and the invasion of our ancestral lands. We have experienced violence against the earth as inextricably linked to violence against women and children, as we are dispossessed of our homes and communities, our own bodies and the memory of our ancestral language and history. AF3IRM continues to learn and draw inspiration from indigenous resistance— and more, the indigenous communities and women on the frontlines protecting water and land has opened our eyes to the possibilities of building a more just and cosmological worldview. Thank you #BartolinaSisa and to the many other indigenous women for fighting to recover the ancestral rights of the indigenous people for our genuine liberation. Artwork: @manedrain #internationalindigenouswomensday #indigenouswomenresistance #BartolinaSisa #MujerIndigena #Aymara #RestinPower #decolonize #antiimperialism #anticolonialism #transnationalfeminism #af3irm #af3irmla
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