Reasons Why The Freedom of Palestine is a Transnational/Women of Color Feminist Issue

1. GENOCIDE: Israeli parliamentarian Ayelet Shaked has called for the specific killing of Palestinian mothers and children to end the generations of resistance to occupation. One Palestinian child has been killed by the Israeli military every 3 days since 2000. Targeting of women and children to obliterate a population echoes the sterilization and separation of Native American & Puerto Rican women & children and current sterilization of poor women of color in the US. The US gives $20 billion/year of our taxpayer money to Israel in aid, while slowly killing transnational women of color in the US with poverty. They are killing us women on both sides of the globe with this occupation.

2. RAPE: There is a policy of raping Palestinian wives and sisters in order to attack Hamas. Chairman of the Israel Academic Monitor Group and Professor Dr. Mordechai Kedar stated that the only way to force “terrorists” to think twice about their actions is to rape their sisters and mothers. As women of color whose families are from US-militarized Asia, Latin America, and Africa we know all too well the use of rape in war. We women must never be bystanders to sexual violence in any form.

3. WOMEN-LED RESISTANCE: 500 years of colonization, slavery, and occupation have taught us that in order for any movement to win, women must be central and at the forefront of resistance. The same rings true for Palestinian women, who we transnational women must stand with in the streets, while boycotting Israel, all over the globe. Womankind’s very existence is dependent on our personal and collective resistance.

Palestinian death toll: over 1,390 (as of 8am PST 7/31/14), mostly women & children.