Central Coast Presents Women’s Dialogues: Confronting Internalized Oppressions

Women of Color: Navigating Spaces

**This discussion series is WOC-created and WOC-led. It is a space specifically for self-identified women of color.**

AF3IRM Central Coast, in co-sponsorship with the UCSC Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center, presents Women’s Dialogues: Confronting Internalized Oppressions.

Dismantling Internalized Patriarchy & Anti-Blackness in “Safe” Community Spaces, the 2nd talk in this discussion series, will address how patriarchy, racism, and capitalism affect everyday relationships in our homes, educational settings, workplaces, and community organizing spaces. How do we perpetuate patriarchy in our relationships with each other? How do non-Black people of color participate in anti-Black racism? What are the impacts of perpetuating patriarchy and racism with each other? For AA/PI Heritage Month, this talk is also known as Women of Color Navigating Spaces.

For: Self-identified women of color
When: Friday, May 15th
Time: 4:00-6:00pm
Where: UCSC College 8 Red Room
Why: 1) Acknowledging that patriarchy & anti-Black racism are perpetuated and/or passively permitted where we live, learn, and work. 2) Sharing what we can do to support each other.

Since there are very few spaces for women of color to meet and discuss, the purpose of this event is to share our knowledges and experiences and how we, as women of color, can build together.

AF3IRM is a transnational feminist, anti-imperialist community activist organization of transnational women of color. AF3IRM is neither a non-profit nor a for-profit community organization. All of our work is through volunteering and commitment, and our funds are from donations and fundraising. Funds go toward community empowerment and enrichment. At this event, we will have $3 stickers and $20 tshirts for sale. Donations are also welcome and greatly appreciated.

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