SF Bay Area | Womxn of Color Discussion on Police Terror and Sexual Violence on Sunday, July 24th

Sisters – now is the time for Transnational/Womxn of Color to unite! We must love and protect one another. Our bodies, our children, our families, and communities continue to be under siege by colonialism, slavery, & genocidal processes of police terror, white supremacy, and hetero-patriarchy. Beyond dreaming about our collective liberation, we need to have real discussions on what transnational womxn’s freedom looks like. We must be willing to live it, act it, and breathe it. Our very existence relies on it.
AF3IRM SF Bay Area seeks to bring Transnational/Womxn of Color together to discuss the ways we are directly targeted by the police through sexual violence. We seek to raise the voices of the womxn who have had their lives taken by police murder, womxn who have survived police brutalization and state-sanctioned sexual violence, and those who are criminalized for existing as Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Queer, Trans Womxn and politically repressed for engaging in self-defense. Police terror is a womxn’s issue! 
Join us on Sunday, July 24th in San Antonio Park in Oakland as we convene a womxn color discussion on police terror and sexual violence! Contact [email protected]for more info.
Womxn of Color Discussion on Police Terror and Sexual Violence
Sunday, July 24, 2016
San Antonio Park, Oakland, CA
For more info, contact: [email protected]
Womxn Discussion on Police Terror and Sexual Violence