This Saturday: No Borders! No Nations! End Deportations! Noise Demo by AF3IRM SF Bay Area

In recognition of International Women’s Day, AF3IRM SF/Bay Area calls on the community to join us in solidarity with all immigrants for a noise demonstration outside of the Bay Area’s largest ICE Detention Facility – the Contra Costa West County Detention Facility in Richmond, CA.

On March 11th, we stand with all immigrants, denounce the targeting of migrant women including, Guadalupe Garcia De Rayos, Jeanette Vizguerra, Valeria de la Luz, Ms. Gonzalez, Sara Beltran-Hernandez, & Daniela Vargas, and honor the ongoing resistance of women on the front lines, leading the fight against Trump’s racist (anti-indigenous, anti-black, anti-arab, anti-asian), xenophobic, and islamophobic executive orders & defying ICE arrests, raids, detention, and deportation!

Our solidarity breaks through walls! Bring pots & pans, drums, noise-makers, bull-horns, music, signs, your voice, your friends! Let this State and administration hear us loud and clear; immigrants are welcome here!

#NiUnaMas #Not1More #HereToStay

No Borders! No Nations! End Deportation!
Noise Demonstration
Saturday, March 11, 2017
3:00PM to 8:00PM
Contra Costa West County Detention Facility
5555 Giant Highway, Richmond, CA 94806
Contact: [email protected]

If you plan on taking the bus, AC Transit route 71 will get you directly to the location. Carpools & caravans are highly encouraged.

For drivers, there are a few parking lot options in the area–
Attendees can park at the Richmond Parkway Transit Center for a $4 FEE and take the AC Transit Bus to the facility (via ROUTE 71).

Single trips on the AC Transit bus are $2.10 (one-way) and day passes cost $5.

The Route 71 schedule can be viewed on this website:…

Additionally there may be available parking in the surrounding residential neighborhoods, on cross streets 1) Atlas Rd. & Horizon Dr. or 2) Giant Rd. & Phanor Dr.

The Richmond ICE Detention Center is located in a semi-remote area. We believe that this location and its architectural design are intentional. This place is purposefully built is to keep detainees locked far away from loved ones & to discourage the general public from being in the area. Do not let this inhumane construction discourage you; that’s exactly what they want!

Please also note that people and vehicles may potentially be subject to searches while on the ICE facility grounds. No firearms, weapons, drugs nor alcohol are permitted on the premises.

Don’t go to actions alone; Bring a buddy or group!
Do not snitch on each other! Do not talk to police about yourself or anyone else. Use extreme discretion when posting photos & video on social media.

415-285-1011 **Write this phone number in permanent marker on your body**

You have the right to remain SILENT, say “I am going to remain silent.”
You have the right to lawyer. Say, ” I want to talk to a lawyer.”
You have the right to walk away if you are not being detained by an officer, ask: “Am I free to go?” If they say no, ask “am I being detained.” Repeat, until you are told you are free to go.
Let it be known that you DO NOT consent to any searches. (Note: areas of the detention facility say that they may search people on the premises– please keep this in mind. Doesn’t hurt to announce it anyway).
We can film the police!

NOTE (KYR): Do not assume the authorities will honor or uphold your rights. It is likely that they will violate them. You are your best advocate– explicitly affirm these rights by vocalizing them clearly. Also, know that cops are allowed to LIE to you. GOLDEN RULE: DO NOT TALK TO COPS (unless it’s to say you aren’t going to talk to them )– anything you say can be used against you or other people.

En reconocimiento del Día International de la Mujer, AF3IRM SF/Bay Area invita a la comunidad a que nos acompañe en solidaridad con todos los inmigrantes en la demostración enfrente del Centro de Detención mas grande en la área de la bahía – Centro de Detención del Condado Contra Costa West en Richmond, CA.

El 11 de marzo mostraremos apoyo a inmigrantes, denunciaremos el ataque en contra de mujeres migrantes incluyendo a Guadalupe García De Rayos, Jeanette Vizguerra, Valeria de la Luz, Ms. González, Sara Beltran-Hernandez, y Daniela Vargas, y honoremos la resistencia continua de mujeres luchando en contra de las ordenes ejecutivas racista, xenofóbicas e islamofobicas de Trump.

Nuestra unidad romperá muros! Traigan hoyas, tambores, silbatos, música, carteles, sus voces y amigos! Haremos que el la administración nos escuche fuerte y claro! Inmigrantes son bienvenidos aquí!

No fronteras! No naciones! Fin a las deportaciones!
Saturday, March 11, 2017
3:00PM to 8:00PM
Centro de Detención del Condado Contra Costa West
5555 Giant Highway, Richmond, CA 94806
Información de contacto: [email protected]

“Aqui estamos y no nos vamos!”

Si desea tomar el autobús, AC Transit route 71 lx lleva directamente a la locación. Les recomendamos que viajen juntxs. Proveeremos un mapa con estacionamiento que quede cerca de la locación cuanto antes posible.

Lxs personas y sus vehículos serán sujetos a búsquedas mientras estén en el centro de detención. No están permitidas las armas de fuego ni las armas en general, ni tampoco las drogas o el alcohol.

Siempre traiga a algún/a compañerx; no vaya sin acompañamiento a las demostraciones.
No soples a nadie de la demostración! No hable con la policía sobre usted ni cualquier otra persona. Use discreción mientras utilize medios de comunicación social.

415-285-1011 **Escriba este número con tinta permanente en su cuerpo**

Usted tiene el derecho a…
-Permanecer en silencio, diga, “Voy a guardar silencio.”
-Hablar con un abogado, diga, “Quiero hablar con un abogado.”
-Irse si no esta detenidx por un policia, pregunte: “¿Me puedo ir?” Si le dice que no, pregunte “¿Estoy siendo detenidx?” Repita hasta que le digan que se puede ir.
Que se sepa que NO TIENE porqué consentir a ninguna búsqueda. (Atención: ciertos lugares dentro del centro de detención tienen avisos para hacer búsquedas — por favor acuérdese de esto.)
¡Podemos filmar a la policia!

No asuma que las autoridades honraran o apoyaran sus derechos. Es probable que violen sus derechos. Usted es su mejor defensor/a — afirme estos derechos explícitamente en voz alta. Adicionalmente, debe saber que la policía esta permitida a MENTIRLES. LEY DE ORO: NO HABLE CON LA POLICÍA (salvo que sea para decirles que no hablaran con ellxs )– todo lo que usted diga puede ser utilizado en su contra o en contra de los demás.

About AF3IRM
AF3IRM is an autonomous, transnational feminist, anti-imperialist organization entirely built by, run by, and led by women of color. We are an all-volunteer, grassroots organization whose members recognize the intersectionality of gender, race, class, indigenous, and immigrant struggles and the absolute necessity of transnational women’s revolutionary resistance.