Forward to a Feminist Future!

At the AF3IRM 2016 National Congress, we evaluated our role as transnational feminists, anti-imperialists situated in the United States. We discussed the need for a heightened strategy against right-wing/neo-fascist ideologies and the importance of developing our own theories to analyze new conditions. The chapters identified intersecting issues impacting  our locales and the need to build deeper in our communities. We committed to strategizing  beyond solutions that merely aim to reduce, rather than eliminate harm, in order to build a world free of violence and hate.

It is imperative that while we recognize the nuances of our oppression within our current conditions, we also assert that the oppression of marginalized peoples has always been reliant on the oppression of womankind, therefore the liberation of transnational women of color must be central to all struggles.  As we charge forward with a new three-year national plan of action, our vision that will frame this next phase of work will be – combating the perceived patriarchal right to access women’s bodies, under the theme of “AF3IRMing the Transnational Women’s Vision for Genuine Liberation.”

After the completion of Trump’s 100 days in the presidential office, our “Forward to a Feminist Future” infographic is a visual interpretation of where AF3IRM plans to take our work under this new fascist regime that is aiming to dismantle  our existence as women of color.  We must do battle from where we stand! We know that it is the lives, experiences, and freedom dreams of women of color that will show us the way to liberation.  

Click the infographic below to view it full size!

AF3IRM: Forward to a Feminist Future! [Designed by Giselle Zatonyl –]