NEW YORK–The panel “Constellations of History” at the CenterShift II Conference: Roots and Routes will feature as one of the presenters Nayoung Kim, activist of Korean ancestry, who is based in Chicago.  Ms. Kim holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Anthropology from Yonsei University of the Republic of Korea, and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan Law School.

She will speak on the strategies and tactics deployed by the women of South Korea toward the advancement of women’s liberation via  such movements as the Comfort Women struggle, Japan and US colonization, the struggle against dictatorship and fascism, the resistance to sexual exploitation and the recent explosion of women’s liberation politics in South Korea.

Ms. Kim exemplifies the fierce young feminists who were forged in the post-war rise of South Korea as an Asian tiger economy.  As a student, Ms. Kim worked for the Korea Women’s Hotline as reporter and legal researcher and she carried that dedication when she moved to Michigan for further law studies.

In Michigan, she was involved in a variety of institutions serving women in distress – from the Safe House Center which provided crisis intervention to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence; to the University of Michigan Human Trafficking Clinic where, as a student attorney, she helped provide legal services to survivors of labor and sex trafficking;  to the Family Law Project, Legal Services of South Central Michigan which gave legal aid to low-income survivors of domestic violence.

Ms. Kim was also a research assistant for the world-renowned Professor Catharine A. MacKinnon, helping in feminist jurisprudence.

She continues volunteer work both in the United States and in Korea, crossing the globe to maintain her roots while charting new routes for her growth as a feminist and in the field of law.

The “Constellations of History” Panel at the CenterShift Conference II:  Roots and Routes explores the historical achievements of women within five cultures, the strategies and tactics they employed in dismantling interlocking systems of oppression and exploitation, and how these can work for in our current situation.   The panel will be moderated by former AF3IRM Chairperson Jollene Levid.

AF3IRM NYC organizes the CenterShift Conference every third year, bringing together diverse histories, perspectives and histories from a variety of cultures around the year.  The objective is to understand differences and appreciate commonalities in the global women’s movement for liberational theory-building, practice and struggle.

CenterShift Conference II will feature the music and culture of the Tuscarora American Indian Nation, through the great artistry of Pura Fe, singer and musician, herself an activist for the environment against oil and fracking.

The whole day conference will be on October 21st at the Centre for Social Innovation in Manhattan, New York City.  A small scaled registration fee is asked of the participants.  Space is limited so early registration is requested.  Reserve your space now at  https://bit.ly/af3rr17

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