SUMMER SCHOOL OF WOMEN’S ACTIVISM DAY 1:​ History of Women’s Struggle & Decolonizing Gender

NY Summer School for Women's Activism Flyer

New York — Since birth, infants are wrapped in pink or blue and pushed into a binary gender system that dictates our lives into adulthood. It traps us into one of two boxes we check on forms asking for our identity. It romanticizes the nuclear family with a husband and wife, determines “who wears the pants,” and cements the male right of sexual access to women’s bodies. This gender binary has served the rise of capitalism and patriarchy, institutionalizing the oppression of women as the first form of private property.

As women of the global south, we also know that colonialism only compounded gender-based oppression — extending the white man’s burden beyond the sphere of the home to conquering lands, peoples, and women. Our herstories are testament to surviving intersectional oppression that is racialized, colonized, and capitalist. 

The first class of AF3IRM’s Summer School of Women’s Activism provides the social matrix which gave rise to certain concepts crucial to the women’s movement, their interrelationship, and how they frame our vision of women’s liberation. This session will take place on July 20, from 11-4PM. Claudia Lara, AF3IRM NYC Co-Coordinator, and Laura Ramirez, AF3IRM member and program coordinator for the Coalition Against Trafficking of Women will facilitate the class. We will close out the day with a skills-building training on storytelling and documenting everyday sexism and colonialism. 

AF3IRM NYC’s Summer School of Women’s Activism (SSoWA) is a space for participants to learn, discuss, and grow together, personally and collectively, politically and intellectually. The theme of this year’s summer school is “Decolonize Feminism! Land & Women Not for Conquest,” in resistance to corporate-designed “feminism” that homogenizes the collective and generational trauma of transnational women of color, tethers our ‘liberation’ to capitalist notions of productivity, and divorces us from our pre-colonial relationship to the land. Our school runs for four hours over four Saturdays: July 20, 27 and August 3, 10 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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