SUMMER SCHOOL OF WOMEN’S ACTIVISM DAY 2:​ Refeudalization and Decolonizing Transnational Women of Color’s ‘Work’

New York — It’s no wonder that, “Let’s get this bread,” has become a rallying call for sleep-deprived, hungry, under-paid, and overworked working women. Transnational women of color are “married to the hustle,” shackled to exploitation. 

AF3IRM coined the term refeudalization in 2008 to explain the socio-economic and political conditions transnational women of color are facing: the widespread devaluation of women’s labor, the replacement of traditional economic work with contractual work, and the theft of women’s work in the household and in child-rearing.

In the second session of AF3IRM’s 8th annual Summer School of Women’s Activism, focused on refeudalization, we’ll discuss: the links between imperialism, globalization, violence against the land, and violence against women. 

Women’s bodies are the “first and last frontier of colonization,” said Ninotchka Rosca, transnational feminist author and founding member of AF3IRM. 

The session will be facilitated by Olivia Canlas, housing advocate, AF3IRM National Education Director, and Asia Pacific Forum Radio producer and Nneka Southwell, neuroscience PhD student at Weill Cornell and AF3IRM NYC member. They will be joined by guest speaker Marie Ty, union organizer, who will discuss women and labor.

AF3IRM NYC’s Summer School of Women’s Activism (SSoWA) is a space for participants to learn, discuss, and grow together, personally and collectively, politically and intellectually. The theme of this year’s summer school is “Decolonize Feminism! Land & Women Not for Conquest,” in resistance to corporate-designed “feminism” that homogenizes the collective and generational trauma of transnational women of color, tethers our ‘liberation’ to capitalist notions of productivity, and divorces us from our pre-colonial relationship to the land. Our school runs for four hours over four Saturdays: July 20, 27 and August 3, 10 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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