You survived. Next, we thrive.


Today we are breathing a momentary sigh of relief.  A sigh that acknowledges the official transition of power from the 45th President of the United States to the 46th. Our families and communities are still reeling from this mismanaged pandemic and mourning our losses, so we may feel as if we’re far too numb to feel any sense of relief– but sisters, we owe it to ourselves to embody this tactical victory. While the reality was that not all of us would make it, we knew we would outlive the prematurely ending Trump administration.

Today marks the first day of our collective survival.

While the past four years have been a particularly public and painful contest in state-sanctioned violence, it was neither the first course of its kind in history nor will it be the last. True that this will be a record-setting administration with the oldest President, and the first Black, South Asian woman Vice President in U.S. history; but capitalism is still the economic and social order. Racists, sexists, and misogynists are in every level of our government, and the military and police still occupy our communities and homelands.

Through surviving the Trump administration, women as an organized force have become stronger, sharper, and unapologetically furious. If women of color organized ourselves out from under the Trump regime, imagine what we will win from our new targets. Let’s harness this unprecedented opportunity and deal a major upset against capitalism and patriarchy. 

As women of color, we know that we cannot take the contrasting facades projected from the house we call ‘white’ for granted. We must not only hold the new administration to its campaign commitments, but we must push it out of its comfort zone and into ours. Join AF3IRM as we continue organizing for our collective liberation.

Until we all thrive,

The transnational feminist sisterhood of AF3IRM