AF3IRM Portland #DayOfNoSexploitation Banner Drop Statement

Contact: AF3IRM Portland || [email protected]

AF3IRM Portland is bringing awareness to #DayOfNoSexploitation with a banner drop! As a new chapter in AF3IRM, we are proud to be part of this anti-imperialist, transnational feminist organization, and be part of the change. 

Sex trafficking rates have especially increased during COVID-19. In the media, we see different reports that cover sex trafficking in various states, and Oregon is not an exception, with women and children being trafficked at alarming rates. Portland is one of the largest sex child sex trafficking hubs, with many victims being children of color, coerced into the sex trade through grooming and promises of unconditional love, a better future, or threatened with death. In Multnomah County, 95% of trafficked victims are women of color. Unfortunately, media outlets neglect to provide coverage of women of color in the sex trade, and their voices go unheard, overshadowed, or dismissed in Portland.

AF3IRM encourages individuals to educate one another in the matter of sex trade. We denounce this exploitative and inherently imperialist industry! We fight for liberation for all women!