AF3IRM San Diego passes anti-trafficking resolution through a unanimous vote by San Diego Unified School District

Resolution will bring District into compliance with state Human Trafficking Prevention Education and Training Act marking a victory for children in San Diego Unified schools

On Wednesday, January 11, 2023, the San Diego Unified School Board unanimously (5-0) adopted a resolution to institute anti-trafficking curricula geared towards training all district staff and students on identifying trafficking in schools. The school board has committed to equipping SDUSD personnel to identify and support students experiencing commercial sexual exploitation, and to provide fundamental resources for students to safely exit.  Specifically, the school board has committed to a specialized curriculum, collaborating with existing service providers, and the creation of a local emergency response team that is survivor-centered and trauma-competent. 

“A study conducted by Point Loma Nazarene University and University of San Diego found that 90% of the schools within San Diego showed signs that their students were in fact being trafficked,” AF3IRM National Organizing Director Roslyn Cassidy attests in regards to the severity of the issue plaguing San Diego.  

The passage of the resolution is the result of a collaboration between AF3IRM San Diego and SDUSD President Sabrina Bazzo’s team.

AF3IRM San Diego recognizes President Sabrina Bazzo and the rest of the school board members for centering the needs of trafficking survivors and San Diego’s school communities. This decision is a demonstration of leadership by the Board and a stand against exploitation and abuse in our community.

“This is a crucial win for our entire community, and a step in the right direction towards protecting our students from the violence and trauma of sex trafficking. San Diegans have been calling attention to this issue for years,” said AF3IRM San Diego Coordinator Giavana Valdez. “The adoption of this resolution reaffirms our commitment to creating a safe and supportive environment for all students, and educating ourselves and others about the signs of sex trafficking and the dangers it poses to the community so we are empowered to fortify against this epidemic.”

AF3IRM San Diego will continue to work to ensure the safety and well-being of all students in our schools is prioritized, in order to address the ongoing and complex public health crisis. 


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