AF³IRM National: Addressing Disinformation about the Alleged “Split” and Reaffirming the Full Humanity of a Woman

To the two bona fide members, and the forty-six member applicants, inactive members, and former members who have decided to seek their own path to women’s liberation, we wish you well. To those who benefited the most from AF³IRM, we hope you continue to use that organizational investment well.

AF³IRM remains committed to the fundamental principle that a woman is a full human being, with her own history, values, experiences, and is entitled to her full liberation. This has been the stand of the organization from its founding, to liberate itself from paradigms which sought to subsume the liberation of the majority of the human race under supposedly larger issues. We remain as our name says: an Association of Feminists Fighting Fascism, Imperialism, Re-feudalization, and Marginalization. We aim to contribute to the un-defeating of Womankind, to paraphrase a well-known treatise on women and how their oppression is linked to the hierarchies of gender, class, and race/ethnicity exploitation.

AF³IRM is an organization of transnational women of color, always the subject and object of the most extreme political and economic pressure. We were founded in resistance to being reduced to subservience, and in affirmation that our issues as women are pivotal to social change. We remain firm in that stance, despite the difficulties of maintaining our independence, self-reliance, and determination to not only build an organization but from our practice, theory-build.

The current NEC was elected unopposed by a gathering of our full chapters at a national congress announced well ahead of schedule. The candidates were nominated by chapters, as they know full well who among them worked and worked hard.

The women’s struggle for liberation began, not yesterday, but at the dawn of historic Time. It has waxed and waned, but it has resumed time and again, creating a thread that runs almost non-stop through all of human history. This is our inspiration and the source of our strength. And our very existence as an organization is solidarity with the women who have struggled before us, and with the women who will struggle after us.

Real women’s liberation is pivotal to social change. It completes any social transformation movement.

We recognize what the release of the disinformation truly is: a concerted effort to create hostility and division within our organization and the women’s movement, in order to pull former AF³IRM members into another political movement. We believe that people should find the political home that aligns with their values and beliefs, but it is unnecessary to defame, define, and disinform other women for their political gain.

AF³IRM is alive and well.

Women’s liberation completes a revolution.