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SSoWA NYC 2015 Wraps Up With A Power Panel

NEW YORK CITY--AF3IRM’s Summer School of Women’s Activism (SSOWA) ended this year with four powerful women speaking of the specifics of women’s search for equality and justice in their particular communities. Union organizer Suzanne Adely, of Jordanian-Palestinian ancestry; Roz Dotson of Eastern Band Cherokee Nation ancestry;  Mayowa Obasaju, of Nigerian ancestry;  and Thenmozhi Soundararajan of the Dalit Nation gave powerful dispositions … Continue Reading ››

Militarism, Militarization and Its Assault on Women of Color Communities | SSoWA NYC Session 3

NEW YORK CITY--The recent, unexplained death of Sandra Bland under police custody earlier this month to Boko Haram abducting hundreds of schoolgirls in Nigeria, many of whom were also raped and forcibly married, has raised public discourse around militarism’s impact on black women’s bodies from different geographic contexts. The 3rd session on Militarization and its impact on women—black women in … Continue Reading ››

The Many Faces Of Human Trafficking | SSOWA NYC Session 2

NEW YORK CITY--AF3IRM NYC unravels the many faces of human trafficking in the second session of its Summer School of Women’s Activism held on July 18, 2015. According to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery that involves persons being forced, coerced, or deceived to perform commercial sex acts or labor services against his … Continue Reading ››

Marginalization of Women: A Socio-Economic History | Summer School of Women’s Activism (SSOWA) NYC Session One

NEW YORK CITY--To the skepticism of most and to the dismay of some more, there are quite a few matrilineal societies existing today. The most publicized of all can be traced to the Khasi tribe in India, in the state of Menghalaya, wherein children take their mothers’ last names, the youngest daughters inherit the family’s wealth, and newly married men … Continue Reading ››