#FeministsFightFascism: AF3IRM NYC Statement for the Women’s March on Washington




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NEW YORK CITY–In the tradition and legacy of Rosa Luxemburg, we march.  We march against incipient fascism; we march against misogyny; we march against racism and white supremacy; we march against exploitation and classism.  We march against a world order being imposed upon us – one that is extremely toxic to our physical, psychological, spiritual and communal well-being.

In the tradition and legacy of the Iroquois women, we affirm our right to an equal share of power – political, economic, social, spiritual;  we affirm our right to public space and public discourse;  we affirm our right – nay, our duty – to protect the Earth – land, water, air and forest — for the survival of our children and our communities, indeed for the survival of humanity.  We march in affirmation of the values of the communal societies of the indigenous, aboriginal and native.

In the tradition of Claudia Jones, who lies entombed to the left of Karl Marx, we continue our opposition to and our dismantling of the corporate state, whose repugnant public face is now Donald Trump — shameless in his misogyny, shameless in his white supremacy, shameless in his exploitation of the workers who create the wealth that marks him a billionaire, shameless in his allegiance to the privatization of everything a human needs, from a sleeping bed to schools; shameless in re-fashioning democracy for the maximum benefit of Capital.  He is not our president.

As transnational women of color, as immigrants and children of immigrants, we have known from birth the triple burden of being poor, non-white and female.  As transnational women of color, we have been known from birth the rapacity of intersectional nodes of Capital’s exploitation.  We have suffered from birth the daily dose of class, color and gender hatred, upon which Capital builds its machinery of death and profit.

As transnational women of color, we say we gather today to end femicide – the one certain by-product of the privatization of our health care, social security, of our schools.  We march to end femicide – the one certain by-product of misogyny.  We march to end femicide – the one certain by-product of white male supremacy and its support of male violence.

We will not allow a white supremacist misogynist capitalist to tweet our lives away.  We will not simply endure such trivialization of what our lives are worth;  we will prevail over it.  We say here and now:  A Woman’s Place Is At The Helm Of The Struggle.  Femicide ends here.  Liberation starts now.



AF3IRM NYC will be participating in the Women’s March on Washington in Washington DC on Saturday, January 21st. If you are interested in joining their contingent, please contact [email protected].