AF3IRM on the Juan Thompson Affair

We received numerous inquiries from media outfits regarding the alleged use of bomb threats against various entities by Juan Thompson in his effort, according to authorities, to harass his former girl friend who happens to be a member of AF3IRM NYC.
We are honoring our sister’s choice to maintain her anonymity.  However, from our collective perspective, we have been appalled by the inordinate burden placed by the legal process upon a woman seeking relief from an abusive and/or dangerous situation with an intimate partner.  For months, we watched our sister go through a well-nigh unbearable situation of cyber-stalking, cyber abuse and cyber harassment.  We wish this could have been resolved earlier.
We in AF3IRM know full well the lengths to which and the extent of evil a stalker will take to persecute a woman who simply no longer wants him in her life.  Our sister’s experience is not unique.  Misogyny and its enforcer, violence against women, are so much a norm that women have to struggle for dignity, respect, recognition and equality practically every waking moment of their lives.  Violence against women – physical, psychological, spiritual, economic – remains the most pervasive human rights violation on earth.
AF3IRM’s work honors women every day, in their relentless resistance against an oppressive system that renders them vulnerable to long-term abuse, exploitation, harassment and disruption of their lives.
This is why we are marching in Los Angeles on March 5th to celebrate womankind and joining the International Women’s Strike on March 8th.   — #