Lessons From the Jennifer Laude Murder: On Women, LGBTQ and Human Rights

29-years-old. Beautiful. Engaged to be married. A happy future laid out for her… So why did Jennifer Laude end up with her head in a toilet bowl, dead? In a motel room. At a rest & recreation center for the American military in the Philippines. Her killer, a young man from Massachusetts, felt he was justified. Trans panic was his defense. Come and hear the story of Jennifer Laude, whose life and death inspired a wide-ranging debate on GENDER, HUMAN RIGHTS, AND THE POLITICS OF SUBJUGATION.

Join us for a public forum TONIGHT Friday, April 27 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in midtown Manhattan. We’ll discuss how geo-politics affect individual lives and fates in this tale of militarized male violence. And meet Virginia Lacsa Suarez, counsel for the Laude family during the epic battle for Justice For Jennifer. The event is free, donations are appreciated. We’ll have food and refreshments.

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