The Trafficking of Women and Children is the National Emergency

NEW YORK: Last year on February 14th, a gunman with a history of misogyny and domestic violence killed 17 children and educators in Parkland, Florida. This year, one day after the one-year memorial of this tragedy, Donald Trump twisted the narrative of trafficking, drugs, and gangs and declared a fake national state of emergency to justify billions for his gun-laced wall. Trump did not condemn mass shootings or the pervasive male violence in our country. Instead, he reinforced the militarized violence refugees are fleeing.

The increased risk of exploitation and trafficking of refugee and migrant women and children is the emergency. In November 2018, criminal syndicates trafficked 100 refugee and migrant women and children en route to the southern border. Thousands more refugees and migrant women and children were ripped apart and separated at the border. Over 200 of the children separated from their families were sent to New York City. New York is the state with the 4th highest rate of sex trafficking.

Dump Trump’s billion dollar wall!

Demilitarize the border!

Declare that Trump is the state of emergency!

Stop the buying and selling of women and girls!

Join AF3IRM today for genuine women’s liberation!