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Philippine President Downgrades Rape from Crime to Compliment

NEW YORK CITY In the wake of rising numbers of increasing criminality in the world today, exacerbated by an undercurrent of competition over resources, women’s vulnerability has intensified.  Of no help in ameliorating the continuing femicide are misogynist pronouncements from the world’s predominantly male leadership which has turned a consistently blind eye to the epidemic of violence against … Continue Reading ››

Philippine journalist Raissa Robles joins Oct 21st Centershift Conference

Media contact: email: [email protected] Tel: 917-397-0989 NEW YORK—Practicing journalism in a country ranked second in the number of media people assassinated and which still holds the record for the most media persons killed in a single event is a challenge the likes of which few experience. However, Raissa Robles, who reports both on her own website and for newspapers like the South … Continue Reading ››

On the 45th Anniversary of the Marcos Dictatorship in the Philippines, We Remain Opposed to Auto-Golpe, Authoritarianism and Neo-Fascism

21 September 2017 New York President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has maintained, throughout the first year of his term, a revision of Philippine history toward the rehabilitation of the memory of the ousted late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos, and his clan and cronies. Having accepted campaign funds from the Marcos clan and cronies, he has wholeheartedly embraced his subservience to the oligarchy that laid … Continue Reading ››