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Left Forum 2016 | Comfort Women: Asian Women Fight Back to Challenge History and Claim our Future

Lola Rosa Luna Henson. Lola Gertrude Balisalisa. Lola Tomosa Salinog. Lola Amonita Balajadia. Lola Anastacia Cortes. These are just some of the many names of Filipina comfort women whom survived the atrocity of military instituted sexual slavery, but also lived to fight and tell their story. AF3IRM’s Purple Rose Campaign is one that addresses the collective history of over 500 years … Continue Reading ››

AF3IRM LA’s Statement Supporting the Comfort Women Statue in Glendale, CA

Presented March 8th, 2014 in Glendale, CA  at the International Women's Day Comfort Women Press Conference organized by the Korean American Forum of America

AF3IRM is an anti-imperialist transnational feminist organization and we stand firmly with you all today in demanding a formal apology from the Japanese Government to the comfort women and to oppose the recent lawsuit against the … Continue Reading ››