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Militarization and Its Impact on Women of Communities of Color to be Discussed at SSoWA 3rd Session

NEW YORK:  With mammoth protests wracking the United States over police brutality, the third session of AF3IRM NYC’s Summer School of Women’s Activism acquires even more relevance and urgency.  To be held on July 25, noon to 4 pm, at a designated safe space, the session will look at the policy of militarization at the international, … Continue Reading ››

AF3IRM Calls for Peaceful Resolution in Hong Kong

NATIONAL--  AF3IRM views with great concern the tear-gassing and pepper-spraying of Hong Kong student and resident protesters. The state's use of these methods is unacceptable - the people should be allowed to bring their messages of discontent to the streets, especially in the face of state-sanctioned oppression. The use of tear gas and pepper spray, whether in Hong Kong or … Continue Reading ››

AF3IRM National Organizing Director Talks About Ezell Ford, Police Militarization and Police Brutality on Hard Knock Radio

AF3IRM National Organizing Director Ivy Quicho is one of the guests of Davey D on Hard Knock Radio.  She talks about the protests in Los Angeles after the shooting of Ezell Ford by LAPD and also discusses how women are impacted by police brutality and the effects of police militarization. Read more about the show here and listen to … Continue Reading ››

AF3IRM LA’s Statement Supporting the Comfort Women Statue in Glendale, CA

Presented March 8th, 2014 in Glendale, CA  at the International Women's Day Comfort Women Press Conference organized by the Korean American Forum of America

AF3IRM is an anti-imperialist transnational feminist organization and we stand firmly with you all today in demanding a formal apology from the Japanese Government to the comfort women and to oppose the recent lawsuit against the … Continue Reading ››

AF3IRM San Diego’s Statement Against State Sanctioned Sexual Assault

Presented March 7, 2014 at: IV EXPOSICION INTERNACIONAL "MUJERES DE AYER, HOY Y SIEMPRE" 2014 at the  Centro Cultural de la Raza My name is Cathy Mendonca  and I am speaking to you today as a member of AF3IRM San Diego; a transnational feminist organization,  as a frontline worker in both crisis hotline calls and serving womyn in a safety house, as an advocate against law enforcement terror … Continue Reading ››